The Department of Informatics has outstanding lecturers, world-renowned researchers and internationally recognized department members that are committed to student growth as well as in shaping the practitioners and leaders for the digital economy and IT workforce. The department offers undergraduate degree programs in leading to the award of Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) (Hons), Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia)(Hons.).

     Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) (Hons) specifically designed to equip students with IS specific knowledge and skills in addition to general computing as well as business fundamentals in various economic sectors. Ideally, the strength of an IS student lies in their ability to apply the knowledge gained to aid organizations successfully for competitive business advantages. Additionally, this program is targeted at students who want to design and implement effective business solutions to meet organizational and management needs for information and decision support system. Graduates of the Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) (Hons) program are ideally positioned to take a leading role in shaping the information-based future. Students completing the program will be well exposed and grounded in the fundamentals of information system, organization theory, strategic planning, project management, decision making, teamwork and leadership, and conducting research in current and emerging information systems technologies. Recent graduates from our undergraduate program have gone on to pursue careers in a broad range of Industries such as Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Shell, Accenture, TNB, DXC with a broad range of job functions such as Systems Analysts, Data Scientists, Database Administrators, IT Technical Consultants, Project Managers among others. Our programs are enriched by advice from our IS Advisory Board renowned internationally.

IS 6

    Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia)(Hons.) are specially designed to produce graduates that are informative, highly skilled and competitive in the field of Computer Science, Graphics and Multimedia Technology. This three year undergraduate program emphasizes on three main aspects which are IT knowledge, technical knowhow and good social skills. Students will be gaining a real life experience by exploring latest technologies in graphics and multimedia such as Animation, Games, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, 3D Modelling and VFX. In addition to that students are also equipped with the programming skills. This is to ensure our graduates are flexible enough to serve both ends in graphics and multimedia industries.The combination of all the modules offered by the Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia)(Hons.) will help students gain a solid understanding of the hardware and software aspects of capturing, storing and manipulating sound and images in a digital form. Students will explore the techniques involved in producing their own creative digital media. Digital image editing and manipulation, together with video editing and distribution are also examined.



To be a recognized and premier department providing excellent education, innovative research, and quality consultancy in information systems.


The department of informatics with its dedicated team strives to deliver excellent undergraduate and postgraduate education and a world-​class research and to provide quality information systems consultancy services for relevant industries​.

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