Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems and Networking) (Hons.)


The Department of Systems and Networking of COIT offers a high profile Computer Science undergraduate programme which leads to the award of Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems and Networking)(Hons). This programme is designed to prepare students for professional careers by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills in the area of communications and networking, operating systems, mobile and embedded technologies, computer security, artificial intelligence and other related areas. The programme is value-added in order to cater with the latest industry requirements where by selective syllabus of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates) are embedded within several of its courses. In addition to this, the Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems and Networking) (Hons.) programme is also designed to enable students to pursue higher qualifications in system and networking such as to obtain a higher level specialized networking certification as well as Master of IT or Master of Computer Science degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree from reputable institutions of higher learning.


Career Prospect

Computer Programmer/
Software Developer
Embedded System Programmer
System/ Network Engineer
System/ Network Consultant
System/ Network Administrator
High performance computing
(HPC) software developer
High performance computing
(HPC) system engineer
System Integrator
Computer & Network Researcher



Course Content

• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society I
• System Administration
• Programming I with C
• Computer Organization
• Digital Logic Design
• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society I
• Programming II with C++
• Computer Networks and LAN
• Operating Systems Concepts
• System Analysis and Design
• Discrete Structures
• Business English
• Ethnic Relations
• Data Structures and Algorithms with STL
• Database 1
• IT Communication
• Statistics for Computing
• Artificial Intelligence
• Data and Computer Security
• Object Oriented Programming
• Advanced Computer Networks
• Web Programming

• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society III
• Project 1
• Technology Entrepreneurship
• Project 2
• Network Analysis and Design
• Advanced Operating Systems
• Storage Technologies
• Ethics and IT Professional Practices
• Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia

Technical Elective Courses
• Network Routing and WAN
• Embedded Systems
• Parallel Computing
• Computer Forensics
• Special Topics in IT
• Mobile Application Development
• Image Processing
• AI & Game Aesthetic
• Secure Programming
• Multi Agent Systems
• Software Testing

Study Duration

1 (One) year:
Foundation Programme
3 (Three) years:
Undergraduate degree course encompasses at least 9 (nine) semester, including 1 (one) semester for industrial training.

Transfer Credits

Students from other institutions may apply for transfer credits. A maximum up to 36 credits can be transferred, subject to eligibility of the applicant.

Please do not hesitate to contact the following staff should you have any query pertaining to credit transfer. Systems & Networking: Rajina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic Advising

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student in his/her academic studies. This includes advice on plan of study such as the selection of courses for the coming semester as well as the student's academic performance. The assigned College advisers are available throughout the academic year for consultation and advising.


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