The Visual Media programme at UNITEN is specially designed to nurture and create creative-technocrats. This unique programme bridges the technology realm and the world of creative digital arts. This link enables students to develop expressive artistic work as ramifications of using state-of-the-art computing technology. Regardless of your interest in digital arts, computer animation, computer/video game design, 3D Modeling, or 2D digital design; or you just simply enjoy photography and passionate about art and media – this is the programme for you!

This one of a kind undergraduate programme combines studies in IT, digital arts practice and the exploration of new media in the 21st century. Our three years’ programme establishes a progressive journey beginning from the realms of fundamental IT with subjects like, software development, networking and web design, databases and programming; towards the creative media’s domain such as history of art, the social and cultural applications of digital media, typography, storyboarding, computer animations, digital game design and development, 2D design, and 3D modelling.

This unique mix of courses will empower students with knowledge and skills needed in producing their own creative digital media contents, hence pushing the boundaries of traditional IT disciplines and creative visual media: “Where digital art meets computing technology”.

This Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons.) programme is primarily designed with industry-specific courses to provide students with the intellectual resources and work skillset necessary to meet the needs of a rapidly changing creative media industry.

Students who have successfully completed this undergraduate programme may also consider pursuing postgraduate programmes in the IT field, or the creative media and digital art domain.

Career Prospect

Graduates from this programme  have the flexibility to choose to be in various career paths in ICT e.g. Graphics Designer, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, 3D Artist, Animator (2D & 3D), Lighting & Compositing Artist, Visual Effects Artist, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Media Planner, Wed Designer, Web Programmer, Video Editor, Photographer, Director of Photography, Rigging Technical Director, Pipeline Technical Director, Motion Graphic Designer, Production Coordinator to name the few.

Course Content

• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society I
• Creative Drawing
• Principles of Design & Infographics
• Computer System
• Multimedia Application Development
• Statistics for Computing
• Creative Programming I
• Multimedia System Design & Infrastructure
• Ideation & Story Development
• 3D Modeling I
• Discrete Structure
• Hubungan Etnik
• Digital Game Design
• Information System
• Multimedia System Interface Design
• Web Programming
• Animation I
• Data Communication & Computer Networks
• Process Workflow & Studio
• Industrial Training
• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society III
• Project 1
• Visual Effect
• Comic and Manga Drawing
• Digital Lighting, Texturing & Rendering
• Project 2

• Technology Entrepreneurship
• Information System Auditing
• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society II
• Ethics and IT Professional Practices
• Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia
• Islamic / Moral and Civil Society III

Technical Electives Courses
• 3D Modeling II
• Creative Programming II
• Digital Photography
• Audio Video Production
• Computer Graphics
• Animation II
• Mixed Reality
• Game Programming

Free Electives Courses
• Mandarin/Japanese
• Introduction to Social Psychology
• IT Communication
• Creative Thinking
• Kaunseling dan Kerja Sosial
• Sport and Recreation Management at Workplace
• Business English

Study Duration

1 (One) year:
Foundation Programme
3 (Three) years:
Undergraduate degree course encompasses at least 9 (nine) semester, including 1 (one) semester for industrial training.

Academic Advising

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student in his/her academic studies. This includes advice on plan of study such as the selection of courses for the coming semester as well as the student's academic performance. The assigned College advisers are available throughout the academic year for consultation and advising.


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