No. Name of Researcher Research Area (Broad) Research Specialization (Specific) IT Skills
1 Abdul Rahim Ahmad Intelligent System and High Performance Computing Handwriting Recognition, Fraud Prediction, Parallel Programming, Grid Computing C, Java, Matlab, R, Android Studio, Eclipse, PLC, MPI, OpenMP
2 Alan Cheah Kah Hoe Social Commerce, Information Management    
3 Alicia Tang Yee Chong Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Technology, Data Mining Qualitative Reasoning, Process-based Ontology, Articulate Software Design Prolog programming, C++ Programming
4 Aliza Abdul Latif IT Governance, Disaster Management Maturity Model, Information System Audit COBIT, ITIL
5 Ammuthavali Ramasamy Information Management    
6 Asmidar Abu Bakar Security, Mobile ad-hoc network,Trust,Privacy Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Information Security C, Android Studio,Python,VB,
Packet Tracer
7 Azhana Ahmad Intelligent System Software agent and software engineering. C, Java, Eclipse, Phyton
8 Azimah Abdul Ghapar Internet of Things, Computer System and Network, Emergency Informatics    
9 Azizah Suliman Soft Computings, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Parallel Programming Embedded Systems Development and Design, Image Processing and Recognition, Machine Learning, Threads & GPU Programming C, C++ , Cuda C, Python Programming, Micro C for PIC controllers
10 Azlan bin Yusof Artificial Intelligence    
11 Azmi Ahmad      
12 Azmi Mohd. Yusof   Supporting Focus and Context Awareness in 3D Modeling Environment Using Multi-Layered Displays  
13 Badariah Solemon Requirements Engineering, Crowdsourcing Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Software Quality and Process Improvement  
14 Chen Soong Der Image Processing, Computer Vision Image Processing, Computer Vision  
15 Chong Pui Yee Higher Education Internationalization of Higher Education, International Students, International student satisfaction    Theories on customer satisfaction, student satisfaction and international student satisfaction
16 Dzulkefli Bin Zainal Abidin      
17 Eze Manzura Mohd Mahidin E-learning    
18 Faridah Hani Bioinformatics, Data Analysis Multivariate Analysis, Reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks The Unscrambler X
19 Fiza Abdul Rahim Information Security, Privacy Privacy, information security, computer security, healthcare information system  
20 Hairoladenan Kasim Information Management, Knowledge Management, Management Information System Knowledge Management, Data/Information Management, Information System Audit, IT Project Management and Consultation  
21 Hasniza Yahya Knowledge Management, Ontology in IS    
22 Hazleen Aris Component-based software engineering, Crowdsourcing Component modeling and specification, non-profit mobile crowdsourcing System design and development, programming language design, compiler construction
23 Hidayah Sulaiman
Information Systems
Healthcare Information Systems, Virtual Learning, IT Services Management and Knowledge Management  
24 Husni Bte. Mohd Radzi      
25 Jaspaljeet Singh Health Informatics & Information Systems Consumer Health Informatics, IS Adoption & Use, IS Design & Development  
26 Khairul Nisa binti Jamalludin Software Quality Software Quality Assurance, CMMI, ITIL, Software Testing, Quality Audit CMMI, ITIL
27 Lim Fung Chen Information Security, Privacy    
28 Lim Kok Cheng      
29 Manjit Singh Sidhu   Computer Aided Learning & Multimedia Software: Patterns of Interactions and Visualizations  
30 Marina Md. Din Mobile Communication, Crowdsourcing, Emergency Informatics    
31 Marini Othman IT Governance, Data Management  Governance of Big Data/ Unstructured Data  
32 Masyura Bte. Ahmad Faudzi Image Processing, Computer Graphics Medical Imaging - Cardiac MRI, Points of Clouds, Image Registration, Surface Registration, Surface Reconstruction  
33 Md Nabil Ahmad Zawawi Information Security Steganography, cryptography, crowd sourced data analytic Image Editing, Marketing, Video Editing, Storyboarding, Mobile App development
34 Moamin A Mahmoud Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Agent-based Modelling and Simulation, Automated Negotiation and Decision Making, Text and Data Mining. C, Prolog
35 Mohammed Azlan Bin Mohamed Iqbal Artificial Intelligence, Audio & Video Processing Board Game Intelligence, Computational Creativity, Computational Aesthetics, Audio & Video Editing and Enhancement Visual Basic 6, VirtualDub, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Computer Chess
36 Mohana Shanmugam Social Informatics, Social Commerce, Online Communities, Information Management Intention-based Models, Social Theories PLS-SEM
37 Mohd Ezanee Rusli Computer Systems and Networks, Cyber Security, Smart Grid, Internet of Things Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Network Routing and Security  
38 Mohd Hazli Mohamed Zabil Software Testing, Optimization Algorithms    
39 Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Software Agents, Process Control & Instrumentation  
40 Mohd Zin Bin Mokhtar      
41 Muhammad Sufyian Mohd Azmi Intelligent Computer, Activity Recognition    
42 Mutahir bin Mohamed Ariff Computer Graphics, Character Animation Techniques, Animation History, Data Visualization    
43 Naziffa Raha Binti Md Nasir      
44 Nazrita Ibrahim Virtual Heritage, Visual Informatics, Information Visualisation Heritage Preservation using ICT, Heritage Interpretation, Learning in Virtual Environment, Information Design, Interaction Design Virtual Environment Design (for heritage preservation and learning)
45 Ng Yu Jin   Corpus-based studies, corpus linguistic, textbook evaluation, vocabulary-based studies, English for specific purposes, English for academic purposes.  
46 Noor Azam Abdul Rahman      
47 Noor Fardela Zainal Abidin      
48 Noor Hafizah Hassan Information Security, Big Data Information Security, Privacy, Health Informatics, Human Computer Interaction Java
49 Noorazizun Mohd. Saad      
50 Nor'ashikin Ali Knowledge Management, Healthcare Informatics, Information Systems KM implementation, Success Factors IS implementation, IS for Healthcare Partial Least Square statistical analysis using SmartPLS
51 Norziana Jamil Information Security Cryptography, SCADA Security, IOT, Quantum Key Distribution, Security for Wireless Communication, Biologically Inspired Algorithms.  
52 Nur Laila Ab Ghani Data Mining, Data Visualization, Big Data   Java programming
53 Nur Shakirah Md Salleh Computer Systems, Social Science, Energy Parallel Computing, Mobile Application, Embedded System, Machine Learning, Social Science C, C++, Java, Video editing, Photo Editing, Online Editing tools, Social Media, Mobile Application Development, Online documentation tools, Presentation
54 Nurulbahiah Awang      
55 Raja Feninferina Raja Azman      
56 Rajina MA Raj Mohamed Distributed Computing, Embedded Systems, Intelligent System    
57 Ramona Ramli Trust Computing, Software Testing.    
58 Ridha Bin Omar      
59 Rina Azlin binti Razali Network on chip, optical, robotic, parallel and distributed computing    
60 Rina Md Anwar Crowdsourcing    
61 Rohaini Binti Ramli      
63 Roslan b. Ismail Trust and Reputation, Information Security, Privacy, Computer Forensics Cryptography, Privacy & Trust Management in Information Security, Mobile & Network Security, , Computer Forensics, Computer Security, Software Security, Software Testing  
64 Rosnafisah Sulaiman E-Business, IT Outsourcing, Human Computer Interaction e-Business, Information systems design and strategy, e-Services  
65 Rozita Ismail Human Computer Interaction, UX Interface design for Children  
66 Rubijesmin bt Abdul Latif Usability, User Experiences, Games Design, Assistive Technologies Therapeutic, Serious & Educational Games, Website and E-Commerce Design   
67 Salman Yussof Computer Systems and Networks, Cyber Security, Smart Grid, Internet of Things, Emergency Informatics Network Routing, Network QoS, Network Security C++ programming, Linux system administration, Cisco device configuration
68 Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran Artificial Intelligence    
69 Sera Syarmila Sameon Mobile Communication, Computer Network    
70 Shaharina Mokhtar   Phonetics Acoustic, Sound Production Analysis, Sociolinguistic.  
71 Sharul Azim bin Sharudin      
72 Siti Salbiah Mohamed Shariff Information Strategy, Information Management, Strategic Information Systems Planning Information Strategy, Strategic Information Systems Planning, and e-Business  
73 Suhaimi Ab Rahman Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Technology, Software Engineering Computational Linguistics, Ontology Acquisition, Semantic Technology, Information Retrieval and Extraction, Human Computer Interaction, Software Tools and Techniques Programming language e.g. Java, PHP, HTML, Visual Basic; Software Development Methodology; Logical Database Design; System Design
74 Sulfeeza Mohd Drus Knowledge Management, Data Analytics Knowledge Audit, Information System Audit, IT Governance, Knowledge Management Strategy, Data Analytics Data Mining tools eg: Rapidminer, Enterprise Miner; R Language
75 Surizal Bin Nazeri Embedded system, Computer Network,Mobile Application, Internet of Thing    
76 T.J. Iskandar Bin Abdul Aziz Blended Learning, E-Learning, Knowledge Management Courseware Development, Learning Management System , Content Management System Multimedia tools - Adobe Photoshop, Director, Acrobat, Storyboarding, Courseware Development, presentation tools - Prezi, Powtoon; Flipbook, website development
77 Wahidah Hashim Wireless Communication Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDM), Wireless and Mobile Communication, Space-Time Coding, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) System Programming C++, Mathlab, Linux, Encoding and decoding techniques
78 Yee Chiew Ling@ Vivian Genre Analysis Corporate or Professional Discourse Studies, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Specific Purposes (ESP)  
79 Yunus Yusoff Computer Forensics, Information Security Digital Evidence Authentication, IS Security Policy, IT Disaster Recovery, Hadith Authentication  
80 Zaihisma Che Cob knowledge Management, Business Analytics    
81 Zailani Ibrahim Software engineering, requiremnet engineering, software development    
82 Zainuddin Bin Hassan Information Managment IT Management, Knowledge Management, Project Management.  
83 Zuraidah Ali   Influence Strategy, Persuasive Communication, Speaking Skills, Group Decision Making, Organizational Behaviour  


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